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Abstract. In language, poetry is a composed line tidily to express strong emotion, attitude, feeling, oponions and ideas as well as utterances or expressions which are expressed in the form of rhymes and verses with sequence words and having meanig itself. As structure develops, poetry is developed in arts such as music and drama. In developing dramatisation into poetry, there must be stress to aspects which must be taken care of by the players of drama. Students who learn dramatisation of poetry, they must comprehend all meanings in poetry. To achieve the dramatisation of poetry which has real and maximal meaning, it is necessary to teach how to conduct drama to the students which is based on a creation of poetry without omitting the meaning of poetry itself, and comprehending intonation by training the students to have good intonation in poetry to conduct the dramatisation, and drilling body movement as it is adjusted to its role.    


Key word: dramatisation of poetry

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